Parish Church and Cathedral of San Salvador Bayamo

San Salvador Church Bayamo

The San Salvador de Bayamo Church, which was named a Cathedral in 1995, was inaugurated by diocesan Priest Alfonso Enrique de Armendáriz in the XVIII Century and it later evolved to become the beautiful three building church you see today. Picturesque colonial style brick walls, structured roofs and iron bars with splendid ornate carved Wood interior and golden pulpit, two choir areas and nine altars.

San salvador de Bayamo Iglesia

Archaeological studies on the San Salvador de Bayamo building corroborate the assumptions of the Vatican that the church is one of the first in Cuba. Located on the flank of the Plaza Del Himno and the same place where remains of an Aboriginal settlement were located in Bayamo, said to have been systematically destroyed by the Spanish upon arrival. Building on the church began in 1516 as a simple chapel with a few tables and a thin palm thatched roof. The first Mass was celebrated at this makeshift religious shrine in 1517. This early religious place was devastated by three earthquakes occurred in the years 1551, 1624 and 1766 .

Reconstruction began in 1916 and was finished in 1919. In 1954 the priests began to build classrooms for the teaching Catechism from the Catholic Church. A second building was annexed and a second floor area was built to provide housing and kitchen to the Church, these works were completed in 1957. In 1982 the church was completely restored to its current glory.

Every year a procession called the Virgen de los Dolores departs from the cathedral and is considered as one of the most beautiful cultural traditions in Bayamo.