Getting around in Bayamo Cuba

Bayamo horse drawn carriages

Getting around in Bayamo can be fun, mainly because of our two traditions. Bayamese people love their bicycles and, more than any city in Cuba, you’ll see them moving from one place to another in droves. The next favorite modes of transport are our horse-drawn buggies or carriages, on which you can ride through the narrow streets and view some of the most important plazas and buildings in the city. Our buggies have special access cars are prohibited from using to places like the the house where Carlos Manuel de Céspedes was born; the colonial-era church known as Parroquial Mayor; the Plaza del Himno, the Cathedral, the Plaza de la Revolución, the main park and the Window of Luz Vázquez, a Cuban woman who inspired “La Bayamesa” song. Our carriages will also take you on a comprehensive tour of the city along with visits to some of the best private paladar restaurants in Bayamo.

Bayamo Cuba