Revolution Square | Plaza de la Revolucion Bayamo

Monumento Perucho Figueredo Statue Bayamo

Located at the intersection of the streets Canducha Figueredo, General García, Antonio Maceo and José Joaquín Palma you’ll find La Plaza de la Revolucion Bayamo or Revolution Square, a place frequented by locals who sit to chat or play dominos on its expansive stone floors, it has become the center of daily life in Bayamo. The square is also extremely close to the Parish Church of San Salvador de Bayamo and Chapel of Our Lady of Sorrows. The square was previously known as Isabel II square, and then Square of Arms until it was finally named it Revolution Square by Carlos Manuel de Céspedes himself.

Plaza de la revolucion Bayamo

There is a full-length statue of Jose Marti on a marble pedestal in the very center of the square by the sculptor López Mesa which was unveiled on October 10th 1955. On the other side of the square in exact symmetry, a sculptured rectangular tablet holds a big sheet with the embossed letters of the Cuban National Anthem and La Demajagua flag and finally, there is a bust of Perucho Figueredo, the composer of the national anthem.