National Anthem Square | Plaza del Himno Bayamo

Plaza del Himno Bayamo

The Anthem Square or Plaza del Himno in Bayamo covers an area of about 4 332 square meters (14 212 Sq Feet) and owes its name to the fact that on those cobblestones, Carlos Manuel de Céspedes and his combatants sang the Cuban national anthem for the first time on October 20th 1868 when taking the City of Bayamo in the famous peoples uprising. Historically linked to the adjacent Church, this public area is one of the most important places in Bayamo.

Anthem Square Bayamo Cuba

It has changed very little since the city of Bayamo was nothing more than a tiny settlement with its beautiful one-story colonial buildings dating back to the XIX Century, some of which were built over the ashes of those properties existing before January 12th 1869, the exact date the rebels burnt the City to impede its capture by the Spanish forces.