Hotel Villa Santo Domingo Bayamo

Hotel Villa Santo Domingo Bayamo

Address: Carretera La Plata Km 16, Bayamo, Cuba

Hotel Villa Santo Domingo Bayamo is located in the countryside at the foot of the Sierra Maestra Mountains and is an ideal place to experience Cuba’s incredible countryside or ecotourism type vacation. At 64 km away from Bayamo, the hotel is about a 1 hour drive from the city center and is better for those who wish to spend a day or two wandering around Cuba’s 500 year old city and the rest of the time in the peaceful setting in which this hotel finds itself. Perfect for those looking to experience bird watching, hiking or visiting one of the many trails offered by the hotels entertainment team which will take you up into to the tropical forest. This is probably the very best hotel for those who wish to visit Sierra Maestra National Park, because it’s literally right at the entrance of the park. The hotel consists of 20 individual 2 story cabin type accommodations offering a massive amount of space to guests. More like single family homes, you will have plenty of space compared to the typical hotel rooms found elsewhere. The Hotel Villa Santo Domingo Bayamo has a guest house perfect for relaxing and meeting other guests either at the very comprehensive games room or the loony bar with large TV. All cabins have hanging hammocks to really let you unwind after a long day walking through the lush countryside. All cabins have international TV stations, Refrigerator, iron and are pretty much self contained condos apartments.

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