Hotel Royalton Bayamo

Hotel Royalton Bayamo Cuba

Address: Antonio Maceo No. 53 between José Joaquín Palma and Donato Marmol Streets, Bayamo

Hotel Royalton Bayamo is perfectly located right in the historic center of the city of Bayamo, a city which recently celebrated its 500th anniversary and is packed full of historic buildings and monuments. Built in the 1940s, it has been a preferred hotel for playwrights, artists and important people who have stayed in the city of Bayamo. Hotel Royalton offers an interesting combination of accommodation, central location and fine gastronomic restaurants in and around the hotel. Right in the epicenter of the town of Bayamo founded in 1513 by the Spanish Conquistador Diego Velázquez the Hotel Royalton offers direct access to all the city’s main sights and beautiful colonial architecture.

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